Mobile jammer abstract include , mobile jammer Victoriaville

Mobile jammer abstract include,mobile jammer Victoriaville,The VSP600L VeroStar supports the full GNSS spectrum, as well as L-band correction services. (Photo: Allison Barwacz) Tallysman has released its VSP600L VeroStar precision antenna at Intergeo 2019,...

  • Mobile jammer abstract include , mobile jammer Victoriaville
The VSP600L VeroStar supports the full GNSS spectrum, as well as L-band correction services. (Photo: Allison Barwacz) Tallysman has released its VSP600L VeroStar precision antenna at Intergeo 2019, which took place Sept. 17-19 in Stuttgart, Germany. The VeroStar supports the full GNSS spectrum, as well as L-band correction services. The antenna provides low elevation satellite tracking with a high efficiency radiating element, the company said. Its performance is suitable for real-time kinematic (RTK) and precise point positioning (PPP) applications. It features a light, compact and robust design. The antenna also has a low axial ratio through all elevation angles providing strong multipath rejection. According to Tallysman, the VSP600L VeroStar also provides high receive gain over the full GNSS spectrum from low GNSS band (1164MHz to 1300MHz) L-band correction services (1539MHz to 1559MHz) to high GNSS band (1559MHz to 1610 MHz). The antenna also has a low axial ratio through all elevation angles providing strong multipath rejection. “The most unique feature of the VeroStar antenna is the high gain at low elevations,” Allen Crawford, director of key accounts at Tallysman, told GPS World at the show. “It can track low elevation satellites with a really high signal level, which is really important for those using correction services coming off of geostationary satellites. So as you go further away from the equator, you’re dealing with some very small link margins and you need those extra up to 4dB higher signal strength that this antenna provides.” According to the company, it will soon be releasing embedded models of the VSP600L VeroStar. At the show, the company also released an updated line of its helical antennas, including the single frequency HC771, dual frequency (plus L- band corrections) HC882 and the triple band (plus L- band corrections) HC975. The original line of helical antennas, which includes the HC600, HC871 and HC872, were released earlier this year.

mobile jammer abstract include

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