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Gps volgsysteem jammer online,gps volgsysteem jammer,Photo: Jackson Labs Jackson Labs Technologies (JTL) has launched the PNT-6220 Assured Reference — a product combining low-Earth-orbit (LEO) signals, GNSS, terrestrial, wireline and atomic clock...

  • Gps volgsysteem jammer online - gps volgsysteem jammer
Photo: Jackson Labs Jackson Labs Technologies (JTL) has launched the PNT-6220 Assured Reference — a product combining low-Earth-orbit (LEO) signals, GNSS, terrestrial, wireline and atomic clock services in one small solution, specifically designed for critical infrastructure applications. The PNT-6220 reference seamlessly combines concurrent L1, L2, L3 and L5 GNSS reception with a custom JLT-designed LEO-based Satellite Time and Location (STL) timing receiver. It also includes terrestrial receivers and PTP/IEEE-1588 edge grandmaster (EGM) and PTP/IEEE-1588-slave capability. The PNT-6220 provides assured PNT for critical infrastructure applications such as those described in the directives of Presidential Executive Order 13905. It can serve as a timing reference for 5G equipment, an ePRTC-capable reference, or a high-performance disciplined reference that supports PTP/IEEE-1588, STL, RF distribution and multi-frequency GNSS capability. The PNT-6220 will be able to select the most optimal UTC reference input automatically and auto-switchover among its numerous reference inputs if one or more of them are jammed or spoofed, as well as average several references for additional stability and accuracy. If all external references are jammed, the unit can provide UTC timing from its internal holdover oscillator with options that have less than 100-ns drift over 24 hours. The unit is also capable of outputting a GPS RF distribution signal driven by the internal flywheel oscillator, which allows glue-less retrofitting of any GPS-based legacy user equipment to the state-of-the-art reference sources the PNT-6220 can receive by simply plugging into the legacy equipment GPS antenna input. Available Options Numerous options are available for the half-width 19-inch-wide rack-mount box. Input options (can run in parallel): STL Iridium timing reference receiver eLoran timing receiver option GNSS (concurrent GPS, BeiDou, Galileo, GLONASS, QZSS, SBAS) Secondary GPS as backup — for example, for diverse antenna locations 1P PS from external source 10 MHz from external source PTP/1588 network slave capability, connects to an edge grandmaster as a PTP slave Dual +12V redundant power supply option (use one or two as desired) Holdover clock options: TCXO SOCXO DOCXO Ultra Temp Range (-40C to +85C) low-g (vibration hardened) DOCXO CSAC atomic oscillator (various to choose from) Rubidium atomic Hodover oscillator (various to choose from, down to External 10MHz source input for ePRTC support Output signals: Dual 10MHz Sine Dual 1PPS CMOS RS-232 1PPS and TOD (for NTP/SNTP/PTP servers) as well as console port GPS RF output signal to upgrade existing GPS equipment with Assured Capability by simply replacing existing GPS antenna PTP/1588 v2 Edge Grandmaster built-in Ethernet Console port USB Console port

gps volgsysteem jammer online

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