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Jual gps jammer surabaya post,gps jammer uk,Photo: IQD IQD has launched a new series of GNSS-disciplined oven controlled crystal oscillators (OCXOs), the IQCM-112 series. The new design incorporates an internal GNSS receiver with a 1PPS...

  • Jual gps jammer surabaya post - gps jammer uk
Photo: IQD IQD has launched a new series of GNSS-disciplined oven controlled crystal oscillators (OCXOs), the IQCM-112 series. The new design incorporates an internal GNSS receiver with a 1PPS output, which is compatible with an external GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo source. It is housed in a 14-pin 60-millimeter-square package. When coupled to an external aerial antenna via the incorporated SMA connector, in the event of the loss of the GNSS signal the highly specified 10-MHz OCXO will switch-in with a holdover capability of 1.5 µSeconds for a 24-hour period, thereby maintaining lock until restoration of the reference signal. The standard operating temperature range of the module is -20° to 75° C but is also available with a -40° to 85° C operating temperature range. Other holdover specifications can be considered upon request. The required power supply is 5V with a standard HCMOS output. Current consumption is 2A maximum during warm-up with this reducing to 1A once the steady-state condition is reached. The design incorporates an internal adaptive algorithm that enables the module to “learn” the parameters of the GNSS signal after a period of three days of lock, so that the holdover function can start in the event of signal failure. A built-in internal alarm indicates lock failure and subsequent restoration of signal. The unit incorporates a serial connection for more detailed interrogation of the device’s performance. The IQCM-112 series is intended for a range of applications including land-based telecommunications systems and marine-based navigation systems. The IQCM-112 forms part of a range of highly specified modules and Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators available from IQD.

jual gps jammer surabaya post

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