Mobile jammer abstract apa | mobile jammer app download

Mobile jammer abstract apa,mobile jammer app download,Cohda Wireless has partnered with u-blox to produce an advanced V2X solution for the global Cooperative Intelligent Transport market. With the partnership, Cohda’s V2X software stack will support...

  • Mobile jammer abstract apa | mobile jammer app download
Cohda Wireless has partnered with u-blox to produce an advanced V2X solution for the global Cooperative Intelligent Transport market. With the partnership, Cohda’s V2X software stack will support the u-blox UBX-P3 DSRC/802.11p V2X chip. Cohda Wireless and u-blox have a long-standing relationship and share a common vision of leveraging wireless technology to reduce the number of road accidents and fatalities across the globe. The u-blox chip enables wireless vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication, now enhanced with Cohda’s hardware-agnostic software applications. Cohda said its software is widely deployed in the industry, providing 360° awareness and detecting hidden threats beyond anything a driver or on-board sensors can see. Cohda Wireless Chief Engineer Fabien Cure said that the partnership offers the market an advanced V2X solution that will be of particular interest to Tier 1 auto makers, OEMs and road authority suppliers. “In order to progress vehicle safety, OEMs need to produce vehicles that have embedded V2X wireless communication technology as a standard inclusion,” Cure explained. “Likewise, cities around the world are preparing for the introduction of wide scale cooperative intelligent transport systems.” Cohda’s V2X software is in production vehicles of GM and Volkswagen. “Connectedness is the key to safer roads and highways around the world and a technology solution of this calibre is an enabler of further trials and development in this sector that we warmly welcome,” added Mr Cure. “The porting of Cohda’s leading V2X onto our high-performance UBX-P3 chip is an important proof point that both our solutions are interoperable and enable a swift integration into automotive platforms,” said Herbert Blaser, senior director, Product Center Short Range Radio at u-blox. Cohda’s software products are applied in more than 60 percent of all V2X field trials in the world today in compliance with U.S. Federal Communications Commission and European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) standards. “When we connect vehicles to each other and to roadside infrastructure, we are creating an intelligent and integrated road transport system that has the potential to reduce road accidents simply because the technology is capable of things humans aren’t,” added Cure. Image: Cohda Wireless

mobile jammer abstract apa

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