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Jammer case,gps jammer on the news right now,Qianxun Spatial Intelligence Inc., a high-precision positioning service provider, and u-blox are joining forces to deliver high-precision positioning solutions to the Chinese market. By coordinating...

  • Jammer case - gps jammer on the news right now
Qianxun Spatial Intelligence Inc., a high-precision positioning service provider, and u-blox are joining forces to deliver high-precision positioning solutions to the Chinese market. By coordinating their product offerings, they seek to meet growing demand for increased positioning accuracy for mass-market applications. Some of the areas driving up demand for high-precision positioning services in China are internet of things (IoT) tracking devices such as those used on shared bikes, as well as automotive, UAV and robotic vehicle applications. u‑blox is bringing to the partnership its high-precision GNSS receivers. Its u‑blox F9 multi-band positioning platform uses integrated real-time kinematic (RTK) technology to process the high-precision positioning correction data provided by Qianxun SI, delivering down to centimeter-level positioning accuracy for wide-ranging applications. It enables even faster and more robust performance by leveraging a greater variety of GNSS signals. Two major advancements have enabled sub-meter-level positioning accuracy for mass-market applications. The first is modern GNSS correction services that constantly monitor GNSS signals to determine positioning errors caused, for example, by atmospheric distortions, and wirelessly transmit correction data to compensate for these errors to millions of GNSS devices. The second is a new generation of small, power-efficient, and affordable GNSS receivers that are able to use the correction data to achieve such high levels of accuracy. Qianxun SI, a high-precision positioning service provider, has already laid the groundwork for the large-scale expansion of high-precision positioning in the IoT era, the company said. Based on BeiDou, which is compatible with GPS, GLONASS and Galileo, Qianxun SI’s high-precision positioning service is built on the nationwide ONE Network, composed of more than 2,000 Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) and using proprietary algorithms. It offers vehicles and other applications a range of 24/7 high-precision positioning services in most regions of the country. By the end of 2018, Qianxun SI’s dynamic centimeter-level service will cover the entire mainland of China, the company said. “We are delighted to cooperate with u-blox to provide users with high-precision positioning solutions that are user friendly and affordable,” said Jinpei Chen, CEO of Qianxun SI. “I believe our high-precision positioning technology is a key enabler of IoT development, and the cooperation with u‑blox will accelerate the go-to-market process of the technology in an extensive range of industrial and automotive market applications.”. “This collaboration is a genuine win-win for all involved in that it allows us to develop high-precision solutions that will foster innovation across markets,” said Thomas Seiler, CEO of u-blox. “Partnering with China’s leading GNSS correction service provider allows u-blox customers to bring cutting edge applications to the China market in the shortest possible time.”

jammer case

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