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Gps tracker anti jammer restaurant,are gps tracker jammers legal shield,The VeraChoke GNSS antenna. (Photo: Tallysman) Tallysman, a manufacturer of high-performance GNSS antennas and related components, has introduced a high-accuracy choke ring antenna: the Tallysman...

  • Gps tracker anti jammer restaurant | are gps tracker jammers legal shield
The VeraChoke GNSS antenna. (Photo: Tallysman) Tallysman, a manufacturer of high-performance GNSS antennas and related components, has introduced a high-accuracy choke ring antenna: the Tallysman VeraChoke. Adapting existing innovations on its patented VeraPhase antenna, Tallysman’s VeraChoke offers a choice in form factor for reference and monitoring applications. The VC6100, the first model variant of the VeraChoke antenna, shares a common high-efficiency element design with itsVeraPhase counterpart. With the choke-style form-factor, however, the rings have been optimized for all GNSS signals and are slightly pyramidal in shape to improve reception of low-elevation satellites. The VC6100 choke ring antenna offers a tight phase center variation of no more than ±1 mm for every frequency. It is capable of receiving all GNSS signals and achieves a very low axial ratio, the company said. According to Tallysman, the VC6100 is competitively priced to help increase antenna density for reference deployments, CORS networks and monitoring applications. The antenna also supports large and small SCIGN radomes. Tallysman’s GNSS antennas are on display at Booth Number 12.0D.059 at Intergeo, taking place Oct. 16-18 in Frankfurt, Germany.

gps tracker anti jammer restaurant

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