5g signal jammer , walkie talkie signal jammer

5g signal jammer,walkie talkie signal jammer,Turkey has opened GNSS base station in Antarctica, according to Sputnik News. The station can track changes in the location of icebergs and transmit photos of Antarctica’s surface, as well as...

  • 5g signal jammer , walkie talkie signal jammer
Turkey has opened GNSS base station in Antarctica, according to Sputnik News. The station can track changes in the location of icebergs and transmit photos of Antarctica’s surface, as well as process data from GPS, GLONASS and Galileo. “A GNSS satellite navigation base station was set up within the framework of the fourth Turkish scientific expedition to Antarctica,” said Turkish Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, as quoted by the national Anadolu news agency. “A group of specialists from the Turkish General Directorate of Mapping has built Turkey’s first GNSS base station abroad.” The Fourth Antarctic Expedition of Turkey began on Feb. 9 under the coordination of the Scientific and Technological Research Council (TUBITAK) Polar Research Institute. The GNSS station operates on Dismal Island, 73 kilometres (45 miles) from Horseshoe Island, where the temporary Turkish science base is located. The 24-member Turkish research team joins 15 scientific projects in the Earth, life, and marine sciences. The expedition is being conducted under the auspices of the Turkish Presidential Administration and the Ministry of Industry and Technology and coordinated by the TUBITAK.

5g signal jammer

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